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Angela was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, and grew up in the neighbouring town of Telford. She has also lived in West and South Yorkshire, and more recently Hampshire too. She now lives in the beautiful county of Herefordshire.

As a highly sensitive person, empath and highly intuitive visionary, and with a deep and somewhat unusually innate connection to the natural world and animals, especially horses, she really struggled to fit into a conventional family, community, job and lifestyle.

In her mid-thirties she hit a crisis point – her Soul had had enough of a mundane, safe and limited life, with vast untapped potential lying dormant deep inside her. Having lived a pretty soul-less existence up to this point, she was dying inside and her body and mind were struggling to endure this pain; both giving out symptoms that forced her to stop and take stock of her life

It was at this point that she began to find out who she really was and what mattered to her.

Within this searching she reclaimed her highly attuned abilities of intuition, deep sensitivity, emotional agility, empathy, compassion and wisdom. Following her lifelong love of horses took her on the path of partnering with horses to bring about deep and lasting change in herself and others, through the power of equine assisted healing. At the same time, she reconnected to her Spiritual and Shamanic-self; a deep wisdom and knowing from many lifetimes before began to reveal itself.

A recent return to her writing she’d loved to do as a child also began to happen and her writing now forms part of her self re-discovery and Soul-reclamation work. She doesn’t pull any punches; writing honestly from the heart as she moves inch by inch through her growth process.

Her work is inspired most of all by the natural world around her. Beautiful landscapes, the sea, mountains, streams, rivers and rugged terrain as well as soul-searching through continual self-exploration, through relationship with both people and animals, particularly horses, and her in-depth exploration of psycho-spiritual work through Jungian and Shamanic approaches.

Her interest in returning the Divine Feminine and the Goddess to her awareness and experience also forms part of her Soul’s calling, to aid in redressing the imbalance  in the world that makes men and women suffer unduly and which is destroying Mother Earth.