Death changes everything.
All illusions fall away,
old resentments and hurts evaporate,
pain disappears like smoky vapours
swirling mid-air
leaving such lightness; ease
and clarity of mind.

Suddenly, all is clear
and all that you thought was true
suddenly transforms into
its very opposite and then,
the real truth appears.

The struggles of a lifetime now reveal
their hidden gold.
And you know why that was the path
destined to unfold.

Death not only changes the dying, but also
those left behind—
shifting their visions like billowing desert sand,
revealing a beautiful oasis previously unfound.

A transfiguration fills you with
grace and peace
as you view the beloved deceased
with fresh eyes.
And so finally your longing is over
for them to be anyone but
who they always were.

Angela Dunning, 9th March 2020.
Written to honour the peaceful death of my father on 18th February 2020. “At last he is at peace…”

Art: ‘St. Sebastian and the Angel’ by Gustave Moreau

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