Nature beckons us forwards,
always forwards…
following her slow, steady dance
towards new growth
and the dying inherent
which she sees with all knowing eyes
while we play games, pretending.
But alas, she is wiser than we.
And we’d do well to heed her bare-faced truth
staring us right in the face as each season
slowly dies away…
leading us on in her dance.
Take her hand, she’s the ultimate guide you know.
Let her show you the way into deeper knowing.
Into deeper parts of hers and your own nature
Don’t recoil. Stand tall.
Embrace her stance.
And know that this too, shall pass.
Always, my friend.
Just let nature give you a helping hand
as you learn how to die to your own inner seasons
and welcome in the brashness of the new.

© Angela Dunning, Returning Home the Soul

Art: ‘ The Seasons, Spring’ by Erte.

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