Where is the self-care I proclaim to value so much
When I dismiss the impact of such upheaval?
When I diminish the magnitude of what I’m about to do?
Where is the self-love that shelters me during such times?
And the presence of mind that considers ALL of my needs
Which doesn’t deny the stress and strife
In conflict and change.
Where do I go in such times?
Why do I leave myself behind so often?
Leaving me to play catch-up with myself.
Honestly, I want to know:
Where do I go?
When I splint and break
Into pieces,
When one part is racing
While another lies still in bed
In need of rest and time.
I kid myself we’re all in communication
But at times of distress
We break apart again
Like dispirit souls
Calling out from afar.
Let me hear their calls,
Oh let me hear them and attend their needs.
For now I quietly sit and mend
The unraveled threads back together again.
Maybe though it’s in this breaking apart after all
That I find the lost souls within…

Angela Dunning, 12 August 2019
Art: ‘Ghost Flower’ by Charles Blackman

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