This morning my sadness came to call
as she so often does she brought her friend grief with her.
Reluctantly, I opened the door.
I had not invited her, or at least I don’t remember doing so
but, I have learnt not to turn her away
and, instead to let her show me what I needed to see today.

She stayed most of the day and at times her friend grief
rocked me in her arms as my tears fell from I know not where or why
yet, they brought with them also the sweet memories of times past
and the best of times
so I am grateful for all that
and so I surrendered to their presence and their insistence today
I put away all the things on my mental list
along with all my desires and wishes for it to be not so
and, instead we spent the day resting in each other’s arms.

By nightfall, my friends were ready to leave
I bid them farewell and thanked them for their gifts
as I stood outside and conversed with the night sky
my heart was full with all that they had brought to my door today
the rawness of total presence flowed through my veins
and I reminded myself that sometimes the unexpected guest
shows up when you least expect
but that they are never truly unwelcome
for they always come bearing gifts of some kind.

Angela Dunning, 12th May 2019

Art: ‘Young Girl at the Window’ by Balthus/

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