Can you let yourself soften sister?
Can you really, soften enough towards yourself so that you can let joy into your life at last?
Can you give yourself the gift of joy and receive it unto yourself?
Do you deserve to feel happy, fulfilled and content?
I think you do.
And I think it’s long overdue; don’t you?
Time to let go of all the pushing and shoving of yourself to some endless far-off goal.
Time to stop criticising yourself all the live-long-day.
Can you let joy be your new companion?
Can you let her accompany you each day from now on, instead of the heavy burdens of sorrow, pain and lack?
Of deprivation and endless repetition of the trauma of the past?
It’s up to you.
Only you can choose to open your door to her now.
Can you give yourself that innate life-giving energy?
That which you were born to receive.
Yes, that’s right: You were born to receive and experience joy.
Let that sink in to every fibre of your being.
Let that become your daily meditation.
And let that be the first thing you say to yourself from now on when you wake from the gaping jaws of the unconscious.
Let joy lay your new foundation upon which you build the rest of you life…

Angela Dunning

Art: ‘Música Natural (Natural Music)’ by Marina Pallares

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