“Not yet. Not yet…”

The oh so faint, quiet voice of your Soul whispers to you,

trying to be heard above the cacophony of noise

created by the torrent of thoughts, should’s and must’s

echoing around your mind.

Not yet, she reminds you, but soon.

Soon it will be time.

Soon the changes you desire will happen.

But, for now, patience must be your practice.

Slowing down must be your goal.

Stopping rushing is your task.

And letting go of the need to grip so tightly

through gritted teeth to make things happen.

Rather, learning to allow life to wash over you and take it at her pace,

like the tide gently bringing you back to the shoreline

of all your heart’s desires….

Angela Dunning, 3rd July 2019

Art: ‘Beauty In The Ocean’ by Tahreem Syeda

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