Accepting one’s fate
Is a significant task
It can take a lifetime
To understand that which
You have been laid down to bear
That which is yours and yours alone
It is a fact that only this acceptance
leads to peace in the end
Only this deep sigh of relief
As you stop fighting and striving
To be that which doesn’t fit
That which weighs down your soul
Bending your back until it’s ready to crack
Learning to love your fate
Yes, love
Is an odd phrase, and yet
How relieving the truth
Of this fact
Of the facts of your life
That they are what they are
There’s no going back
No changing the course
Set out in the past
The trajectory you’re on is yours
And yours alone to tread
Is this giving up I wonder?
Maybe. And yet…
Maybe not.
Maybe it’s the truth of my life
And just maybe it can bring that sweet release
so tender,
that unremitting act
Of surrender
To this, my one true purpose in life.

Angela Dunning, 4th June 2019

Art work: ‘Fishblood’ by Gustav Klimt.

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