SHE is all around us, we just have to learn how to recognise her once more.
She is the clouds suspended in the sky.
She is the sweet sound of the blackbird at dusk outside your window, reminding you of her presence and her beauty.
She is the gentle laughing sound of the water against the shore, as well as the ferocious tide when the storm hits land. 
She is every blossom on every bush and every petal on every flower.
She is the gentle mooing of the mother cow to her calf.
She is a moth dancing in the light at your window; a beacon guiding her in.
She is the silent presence in the midst of your cells.
She is the space between each heartbeat and each rise and fall as your lungs do her bidding.
She is the light in the dark and the dark in the light.
She is creator and destroyer.
She dances and delights in her paradox.
She who enjoys seeing your forehead brow and perplexed gaze as you slowly digest her complexities and seemingly opposite qualities.
She is the baby fox, as yet still blind and deaf, furless yet fearless she crawls out of her den into the big wide world, feeling her way in her vulnerability and defencelessness, yet determined to make at least these first few steps.
She is the rising sun at the break of dawn, and the mother of the moon who holds both her dark and her light in each hand, from the crescent to the full and back again.
She is the swell in your heart when you hear truth and the shaking in your legs as you speak yours in return.
She IS. Everything and everyone. All around. Ever present. In each heart beat. In each life. And each death.

Angela Dunning, 14th May 2019

Art by: Jahar Dasgupta

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