Angela Dunning, poetry, healing, personal growth

Dearly Beloved,
I meet you again last night,
Briefly at a busy soiree
You seemed as happy as I to see you
Two souls meeting in this hive of activity
Yet, we manage to steal a few moments alone
To confide and confess:
Yes. You and I. Yes.
Helping the other, creating together
We make a plan; a pact no less.
Something was decided
Of this I feel sure
We will see each other again
And soon.
Yet I wake and my heart is so empty
So full of aching
Such a fleeing trace of what could be
Of what feels right
We colluded, just you and I
No one else existed for a few brief moments
As we looked, eye to eye
Soul to soul glimpsing the potential
But, not yet. For now we have to separate once more
And go our own ways
Things to do
Mistakes to make, it seems.
So alone I go, getting lost all over again
Opening wrong doors and boarding the wrong bus
So distant you seem on waking
Like a glimpse of a fleeting star
When will it be my starry, starry night?
I wonder…
Hold fast my slow beating heart
A clear sense of a meeting at last
I know you, you know me
Our eyes found each other
Our smiling hearts glad of another reunion
“Just you and me kid, we can get there; can’t we?”
Angela Dunning, 30th April 2019

Art work: Starry Night Over The Rhone, Vincent van Gogh

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