Fierce heart
Cold world
Where to put all this fire?
When all around forests already burn.

Drowning sorrow
Cast adrift on the rising tides
No one’s leading
It’s all down to the kids.

An unreal burden
While you abscond from the facts
Denial of truth
Divested interests
Blind, in fact.

Fossil fuel fury
Burns my heart
Scorches my throat
Sears my soul
Heaves my weary body
What hope?
What hope?
What hope?

Where’s God? You ask
In yet another vain attempt to deflect blame
He’s leaving you to clean up your own mess
He’s watching you burn
Your blessed Mother
Like a tantruming child
Clamouring for more
Gilded gold on their crib.

He’s watching you kill
All his beasts, one by one
Two by two
They’ll soon all be gone
Poisoning his fish
Snaring his birds
In your ill-conceived nets
You pest
Your vermin
You, human wretch
Look at your mess.

Fierce heart
Cold world
Where to put all this fire that’s raging inside?
When all there is
Is a war chest
And a trade deficit
Yeah, go hang the rest.

Show me your teeth or I’ll show you my claws.
Fine nice speech leaves a vacuum in its wake
Start leading for god’s sake!
Stop masquerading like puppets
And grasp the nettle at last.

Angela Dunning, 16th April 2019

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