Angela Dunning, poetry, personal growth, nature, healing

I love the smell of Spring
You know, the fresh scented nascent grass
And the dancing blossom drifting from the trees
Bravest to first bud
Reaching out from their heart to mine.

I love the smell of a Spring day
Especially when there’s still a nip in the air
I love inhaling on the wafting breeze
The smell of the new season
Just bursting with life
Singing it’s happy song.

I love watching the birds flitting about in delight
I love stepping just outside my back door
And breathing in the luscious nectar of nature’s gift
I love the feeling of new life being birthed
Right in front of my eyes.

The trees that were so bare still just two weeks since
Now have on their first layer of clothes
Just a hint of a new green coat
And I love to drink in the truth that
Much more is still yet to come…

Angela Dunning, 31st March 2019

2 thoughts on “Spring’s Heaven Scent

  1. Beautifully penned, with many gorgeous images that awaken the heart with deep joy! Ah, the happy scent of spring with all her blossom scattered by the April’s fresh breezes. Love and light, Deborah.

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