Angela Dunning, writing, prose, poetry, growth, personal growth, healing

Lured by the seductions of comfort, price, nostalgia, safety, practicality, love and what we perceive to be support, we often trade our soul’s growth for a price well below its true worth.

Often such seductions are traps, waiting to ensnare us with all the trappings of the above and more. Speaking to our lesser-selves and our lowest level of self-worth, they entice us into commitments and situations we sense deep within are not in our best interests. Yet, we are blind to this truth.

The world operates in this way, openly and covertly, and so people learn to play this game, both as the seducer and the seduced.

But, really, what price your soul? When you step outside this sheltered cosy womb, can you see that after all you’ve been through STILL you seek to return to the warmth and protection of the watery shell?

And so it is. Time and time again, until we CAN see the truth and then start to break free once more. To push our way out, through the membrane that once so nestled us but now threatens to strangle our very life from within us.

It’s time to push; PUSH! Time to come out and face first this time. Ready to meet the world head-on, not ass-first. Time to put your head under the water, instead of floating above fearful of swallowing even a drop of the water of life. Time to be submerged; baptized. Like The Lamb of God, it’s time to die to yourself. Time for so much now to be sacrificed in the name of true growth. Time to stretch yourself little one. For you’re not so little any more. No more, baby, little sister; young woman. Now nearly a Crone, it’s time to inhabit your true age, your silvery-white locks and your Wise Woman’s wisdom who will take no shit anymore.

Time to wake up! Stop sleeping. Stop dreaming of the life that can never be and start living the life that is now. All that is presently presented here in your lap of ‘luxury’. Time to get real. Break free. And be real. True to yourself and to others, and to life itself. It put you here for this very challenge, so get to it. Start work. Make the long overdue changes.

The time is now.

Angela Dunning, 19th March 2019

Art work: ‘Nostalgia’ by Jose Higuera

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