Angela Dunning, poetry, personal growth, healing, nature


Beautiful naked trees
Still bare yet no leaves
Brazenly defying the Easterly breeze
Neither dormant nor blooming
Ever ready to unfurl
With budding new life
Standing dark still to the skyline
Proud black arms raised
Against the ever greening land
Defiant to Spring’s blossom
Just where they stand
Not yet, beloved trees I whisper
Not yet
Let me rejoice further in your exposed
State of undress
Let me savour the sight
Of you stripped bare
Your unfathomable beauty
And strength to endure
So that I may draw it yet
into my own musculature
To grow flesh on these bones that ache
And have wept for so long
Waiting, waiting, just as you
To become my true self.

Angela Dunning, 11th March 2019

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