Angela Dunning, poetry, personal growth, healing,

Always trying to impress
No less, she rushes on to
Whatever’s next
To whatever pleases
And deflects the sense
Of her emptiness instead
Her clinging defense
Making out she’s older
And wiser than her years
The cover-up girl strives
In a grown-ups world
Initiated too soon
This quickening lingers
In every vein and sinew
She hastens to commingle
For fear of
Forever single
And alone
Union is craved
She’ll use whatever it takes
Whatever’s at hand
Her sister’s old records
Her brothers’ demands of
“hurry up; grow up!”
But her dream cautions instead:
“slow down, don’t pretend
Just go with the flow
And let your animal body
Move you in dance
The way you want to go
No more, no less
Stop abandoning your self
In this pretense of the flesh
Let your soul lead the way
In the dance of your own rhythm.”

Angela Dunning, 26th February 2019

Art work: “Little Dancer, Fourteen Year Old” by Edgar Degas

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