Angela Dunning, poetry, Joy, heart's desires, personal growth, soul, soul food

Don’t be so quick to
turn away from joy
to extinguish your desires,
the spark in your heart.

See that which you love
and yearn for
more, much more than that
you were taught to entrust.

More than the oughts
and the shoulds and the must
more than the busyness of doing
your heart lies in dust
alone and without fire.

Instead, turn towards that
which fills up your soul
like a burning lamp of desire
enlightening you with love
follow them all
your soul-food desires
don’t let even one get away.

Your soul needs daily nourishment
each morsel a feast
each piece a fresh meal
an antidote to the drab
humdrum of human affairs
which lay waste your soul’s full intent.

Angela Dunning, 4th February 2019

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