Angela Dunning, poetry, nature

When winter lays her soft white blanket
Across the land with a hoary frost
A heavy silence and a stillness
Envelopes this place that I call home
With an astonishing quietude
A magical otherness pervades my senses
And enlivens my heart
With such beauty, each time I swear I forget
So that it comes as a great and wonderful surprise
What a gift!
Like a silent kiss from a beloved
With the brushstrokes of a painter
She portrays each tree, each branch, each berry anew
Caressed by the artist’s hands
Transforming all that is familiar
A freshly born landscape appears in the misty dawn
As the gentle January sun lifts his head once more
And the two dance, delighting in the presence of the other
Rays of brilliance illuminate the snowy-white hedgerows
Where the black crows stand out like guardians of the soul
A falcon swoops down gathering its morning feed
And the foxes lay low, deep down in their den
Sniffing the cold air, then curling back up again
With wide eyes I move about
Drinking in the spectacular feast that sprang up overnight
One more blessing from your bounty, Mother Earth
How can I ever thank you enough?
I bow to your eternal grace
And the masterpiece you laid before my eyes
Which kisses my heart and soul awake.

Angela Dunning, 31st January 2019

2 thoughts on “The Morning Frost

  1. Beautiful Angela, I felt that I was wrapped up warm and taking a morning walk through my favourite woods with lots of wonderful images seen along the way and in the hedgerows, including those dark, mysterious guardians of the soul … my favourite line!

    Pulling back the curtains today revealed a winter wonderland for most of the UK I imagine and being such a cold winter morning, it was perfect for a magical visit from Jack Frost himself! Warm and wild blessings to you on this last day of January, Deborah.


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