Angela Dunning, poetry, growth, hope, grief

How miraculous it is
That hope reappears
To the once shriveled heart
Filled of despair
Like the January Snowdrop
Who bravely pushes her gentle dainty head
Daring to appear once more above the soil
Hope returns to a grief stricken heart
Two ends of the same spectrum it seems
Yet nature brings her eternal balance
To bear once more
On the desolation of the heart
Where grief turns to sorrow
And then hope and light and new life
Become possible again
How miraculous that is!
How as the lady-like bend of the Snowdrop’s drooping head
One’s heart begins to flower again
Slowly daring to lift her eyes up to light
Reaching up to the rare wintry sunlight’s rays
Allowing herself to feel at last
That out of the death of the old
Hope springs eternal towards new life.

Angela Dunning, 17th January 2019

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