Closed Eyes, Odilon Redon,
A writer
A soother of Souls
A weaver connecting people to the threads of their Soul
and to the Soul of the World
A Wise Woman
A healer
A writer of works to inspire and move
To transform and heal the many wounds of this planet
A conduit for Soul to speak
So that She may reach out and touch the Souls of others
So that they no longer feel alone either
A guide
A sacred-space holder for those who wish to gather and share
In a peaceful space, precious; rare
A poet, a wordsmith
A play write, if I dare
A writer of words of hope. Of life and sometimes; despair
All these things I am
And all I am also becoming
As I follow the threads and the lights
The snippets from dreams and what is sheer delight
I slowly find my way
Stumbling over the moss and overgrowth
But if I remember to pick up my pen
Always, I can begin again.
Angela Dunning, 17th January 2019
Artwork “Closed Eyes” by Odilon Redon

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