Who is this woman I visit every night in my dreams?
She always seems more mature, older, and wiser than me
She has her shit together it seems
She has access to her energy, her wisdom and her power
She has her own home, which I too long for
A garden and land
Animals galore surround her
She always seems calm and serene
Grounded and full of Herself to me.

While me?
I’m just the visitor
The eternal house guest
I come, sometimes I stay the night
But I don’t live there with her
There is yet some distance between us
Some further connecting to be done
Some integrating
A coming together I sense is needed.

Every night I make the journey to her house
She lets me in
I wander about
Exploring her rooms, her home and her land
Finding my way there but never staying
There’s an impermanence to my presence still
A longing
A yearning
A curiosity for sure
To become that which She is
A gathering together of my powers
My grace; my dreams.

Who is She?
Why does she appear to me each night
As someone ‘other’ than ‘me’?
How can I get inside her?
How can She, get inside of me?
Each night we meet
And each time, I hope
We get closer and closer
Ah, well, there’s the rub
Until what…?
Patiently, patiently
I wait to see.

I follow the trail of breadcrumbs to her door
I watch her and call out
Even though I know not her name, yet
I just set my intent
That one day we SHALL be together
As one
You and Me
Joined as One
I look forward to that day
And pray that I can hold the connection
Until then, dear lady
I’ll keep coming each night
Faithfully as I am bound to
Conduct my nightly visits it seems
To your door
See you tonight, old wise woman crone of mine.

Angela Dunning, 9th January 2019

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