Wisdom is just burning to pour out
So much wisdom
I can feel it bubbling up inside
Like a fountain yearning to sprout
Not yet.
Now is not yet the time.
There is yet more burning-off to do
Yet more decomposing
Before I can begin composing again
That which is just aching to fall out
Like pouring from a teapot
And watching the brown-black liquid gold
Elegantly and smoothly falling from the spout
Not yet.
There is still more pain to be released
Still more debris to be brushed off
Still more spiraling downwards
And inwards
Before the direction can be reversed
From one of inward to outward looking
So for now
I shall rest
And heal
And knit back together
The broken pieces of my china tea-pot
Until she is ready once more
To reveal her hidden secrets
From her cracks and breakages
And the wisdom that is being thus stored
And once again I remind myself:
“The wound is the place where the light enters you”.

Angela Dunning, 28 December 2018
Quote in the final line is by Rumi.
Image by Nicky Girly from Pixabay. 


2 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. Your beautiful words and image blend harmoniously! So many great, flowing lines here. I especially enjoyed your, “But./ Not yet” moments throughout the poem … which encouraged me to reread the previous lines and reflect even more. Blessings always, Deborah.


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