Angela Dunning, poetry, personal growth, healing, rebirth

Out of the darkness
Stumbling like a new born, blind creature
Tripping over the brambles and roots
Unable to see clearly yet
What lies ahead.

Emerging from the deep darkness of the forest of my den
Out towards the faint glimmer of light ahead
And into life once more
Out into the clearing
And into relating

Part of me wants to run out, laughing and exclaiming
“Yippee! I’m back!”
Like a crazy, cooped-up creature
Set free at last
Feeling the surging new energy rising up in me
Thrusting me back into life
Ready to begin again.

A new start
A fresh way
Towards the potential of all
The possibilities as yet unmet
To be discovered
In this new world waiting
Just outside of my cocoon of the past 12 months.

It feels good to be back.

Angela Dunning, 12th December 2018

2 thoughts on “Surfacing

  1. Wow, that was awesome Angela! Felt like an unfolding conversation with your soul! Thank you for sharing and surfacing with these lyrical verses. Let us all be the peace we wish to see … for the halcyon days are here, leading us up to the beautiful, and magical time of the Winter Solstice. Today, I spotted a kingfisher in my local park, looking much like the photo of the trees above, it flew only a few feet in front of me, I was spellbound, much like reading your words. Warm and wild blessings, Deborah.


    1. Thank you as always Deborah! I love reading your heartfelt comments. Wow, what a blessing from nature to see a Kingfisher and such colour at this time of year. With many blessings to you, Angela xx

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