Angela Dunning, poetry, personal growth, healing

Between life and death there exists merely a single door
In the blink on an eye
Matter, which previously mattered the most
Now becomes dust, evaporating into thin air
Becoming Spirit
All the beauty and solidity of the body
Of the being that was
Now transforms into nothingness
What was there is no longer present
The emptiness is vast and all-consuming
The silence that pervades, resounds deeply and loudly in your heart
In the space where once their presence lay within you
The fire that burns away the flesh and bone
Turning your beloved into ash and dust
Returning the clay of their body to the clay of the earth
While the soul flies free now
Unencumbered by the heaviness of the body
And its aches and pains
Soul now meets Spirit, at long last
The union it so desperately sought
Throughout the lifetime
Is now complete once more
Returned truly home
Back to the very essence from whence it came
Through this door, and take care for it’s a very slight door
Awaits the beloved
Standing at the threshold
Ready to welcome you home.

Angela Dunning, 4 December 2018

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