angela dunning, poetry, change, personal growth, death, life

There’s only one certainty in this life
Only one thing of which we can be absolutely sure
The one thing that never changes
And that is change itself.

Change is an ever-present presence in life
Never ending, always beginning anew
To become adept in this truth
Is to break open your heart
Time and again
Letting it guide you deeply into this knowledge
That throughout all time
Change is what sustains and begets all life.

Nature knows this deep in her bones
She displays this so beautifully
With each changing season
Which each change in the skies
Even the stars are constantly changing
Being born, expanding and dying
Way beyond our vision
But changing they are.

To embrace change is to embrace life
In all its glories, triumphs and pits of despair
When one can do this
And do this well
And it takes a lifetime
Then one knows the secret of life
And indeed, of one’s own certain death.

Angela Dunning, 12th November 2018

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