Writing out our jumbled thoughts, feelings, deliberations, choices and experiences in any format can be hugely helpful and healing.

Whether this is in our own private journal or diary; free association on a blank sheet of paper; in an email to a friend, relative or colleague; in the form of a poem or song, or in more depth in an essay, article or book.

The form and the outcome isn’t in the least bit important.

What helps is the process of writing itself.

As we connect our brain to our hands, taking in our heart and therefore emotions and soul en-route, we can bring to consciousness that which was previously vague and intangible.

We can begin to let it flow and take shape. We can learn to allow the right side of our brain to express itself on the page through our arms and hands. We can let our feelings and thoughts seep out of our deepest being, revealing themselves slowly to the light of awareness and consciousness.

Through this process we can begin to feel a little more solid once again. A little firmer and clearer in our articulation of previously non-verbal, felt energy. We can bring ourselves back to a stronger sense of ourselves and find a firmer footing again in life.

Writing and then sharing this with others we trust can bring healing to the psyche on many levels. Both our own healing, and also the potential to resonate with another’s psyche, thereby enabling their healing as a wonderful, additional outcome.

If this is something you publish, then this is also a record of you and your life. You leave a piece of yourself here indefinitely. It is now out there in the world. A record and an imprint of your time here and what it was like for you.

There’s not much more powerful than that, is there?

Angela Dunning, 3 October 2018


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