Bring your tears
Dear sisters, dear brothers
Bring them here
Let them fall
Let them be your personal truth-ometer
Know that you have at last
Reached your authenticity
Deep inside
Know that when that first surge upwards comes
That is your cue to go in
To stay in
And then let them fall
They will be welcomed
With open hearts
Know that your tears ARE welcome here
That you won’t be judged or rejected
And that instead you’ll be seen and felt
As the wise, courageous soul
Plunging headlong down the cascade
Of your personal waterfall
Just waiting to be let go
Waiting for you to to take them seriously now
To stop blocking their flow
To stop rejecting yourself each time they wish to be set free
Instead, let the warm moisture of your own precious tears
Bring you the release and the peace that all parts of you craves
Yes, even those long neglected and unknown parts
Those who most of all need to cry, to be seen and felt
And welcomed here
As when you cry so do we all feel the sweet release
Of life and truth once more flow into the space
Enriching us all
So you see
They will always be welcomed here
This safe space contained from the craziness out there
A safe, healing space for you to explore and practice
The art of letting your waterfall at last, simply fall
And be her true self.

Angela Dunning, 9 September 2018

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