Angela Dunning, poetry, personal growth, soul, healing, life
Following life’s spirals
Up and down
In and out
Back around again
Finding new threads to follow
Finding dead ends
Only to discover they lead to deeper riches
Of self-knowledge
And worth
Learning to display my life’s spirals
Like the bark on this tree
For all to see and marvel at
Showing where I swirl in complete circle
And sometimes, when I falter and leave a question mark
No matter
I pick up the dance once again
Up and down
In and out
Over and over again
Renewing my own bark
And deepening my own inner nourishment
Outer protections
And inner strength
Each spiral a hallmark
Of my ups and downs
Each one a beautiful scar
That says: “Yes. this is me
This is where I’ve been and
Look how beautiful it makes me.”
Content, at peace with cycles and spirals now
I rest in the bark of my own tree.
Angela Dunning, 19th August 2018

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