Angela Dunning, poetry, personal growth, creativity, healing, soul

Suddenly, out of the nothingness
Out of the dark, quiet, unseen
Without warning
Something new
Never before produced
Appears from within me
Blazing colours
Bright flames
Of red, yellow and orange so bright
Deep purples enriching each thread
Like the child, unseen for nine months
There appears this beautiful thing
A beautiful expression
That I had no idea was there
But out it must come
Streaming from my unconscious
Out, out, out
Into the world
And oh, the joy!
The unknown gift
A reward for all my patience
And for not loosing faith
A gift of such delight
A treasure to treasure
And nurture and play with
After the months of waiting
The darkness, the unseeing
Only faith
Quiet prayer and hope
Something must be coming
Out she comes
As all the pieces slowly slot together
Of my Soul-work and patience
Safe at last; it is time and
She emerges…
Angela Dunning, 29th July 2018

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