angela dunning, poetry, personal growth, healing, breath

Some days, when all you can do
Is sit still and be;
To breathe is enough.

When you wake from a tumultuous sleep
And the demons have been knocking loudly at your door all night
And you can hardly think a clear thought;

When your heart is racing with fear
And your inner slave-driver is whipping you on
When everything feels like it’s been turned upside down;

Sit still and breathe.
Just focus on each single breath
Let the sun sink deeply into your skin
And the gentle South wind caress your neck;
Be still and breathe.

This breath and that breath
This one and the next
Like the gently rising swell of a wave
Riding each breath, go with it and let it go
In and out; in and out.

When all you can do is sit and breathe
That is enough
In fact, some days;
This is exactly what you need.

To be here
With yourself
To slow down
To stop
To be with your breath
And therefore your life.

Angela Dunning, 20th May 2018

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