angela dunning, poetry, personal growth, dreams, healing

We must not hold our dreams too tightly
Instead, we must hold them as if there were a feather:
Soft and lightly
Not gripping or crushing them in our palms
Nor fear of letting them fall to the ground
When it’s clear they’re not meant for our future.

No. We must be wary of holding too fast to our dreams
But rather make room for them to fall away
So that they don’t pin us down, halting our growth.
For the building, maintaining and dismantling of dreams, once met
Is of no comparison to the original vision
As they are rarely one and the same
This we must never forget.

So don’t allow your dreams and visions to become heavy burdens
Weighing down your hands through their out-worn lives
Instead keep your fingers uncurled
Your palms gently upturned
Letting them tumble free-fall from your hands
And regularly practice letting go
Of that which no longer serves you.

Angela Dunning, 27 December 2017

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