And so I sit alone
With my negative animus
Him raging at me
And me raging back
In this turmoil we sit together
Wishing the other gone
At night I dream of my divine mate
Sometimes he gets close enough to caress
But mostly he’s just out of reach…
Each day a battle between life and death
Holding me back with a vengeance
Crying out for my love
But how can I love you?
You lazy fat pig!
But love him I must
And find the small boy
So lost and alone
So under developed and yet trying
To make it in the world as an adult
But without the strength to love and breath
And so he drains me of my life-zest
And my ability to breathe…
Day and night we sit together
I wish he’d just leave
But I’m stuck with him it seems
For he is mine and mine alone
And somehow we need to muddle through.
©Angela Dunning, 27 October 2017

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