angela dunning, poetry, personal growth, healing, earth, grounding

Feeling the earth beneath my feet
Brings me home
To my body
And my Soul
Stopping the swirling thoughts
Rushing like sea foam
Above the sea bed
Round and round and round
In my head
Feeling the cool tingling
Of the rush of cold earth air
Flowing up into my bones
Into a remembering
Of the present moment
The here and now
Forgetting my worries
My sorrows and pain
Just for a moment
I am whole once again
Filtering out the harsh spoken words
Dropping my shoulders
And resting my tired, bruised heart
In the embrace of Her
I rest in her bliss
Plugging me back in
Back from the all too familiar abyss
I let myself sink further
Deeper still into this memory
Of home and safety
And I remember once again
Why I chose to come back
For one more round
I remember my purpose
Why it is I’m alive
As I sink into the ground
Of Mother Earth
I let go into her kind arms
Feeling safe once more
Here, with my feet
On you, blessed Earth Mother.

©Angela Dunning, 15th October 2017

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