angela dunning, poetry, personal growth, stillness, peace

Today I am content to linger
And hang, suspended
Like the motionless clouds
Barely drifting along
And allow each moment to stretch
Into me
Passing through me
Instead of the other way around
After the storm both and I the clouds
Have found a new sense of peace
A slowness and a desire
To just be
Today I savour each ounce of each moment
Nowhere to go
No place to be
Just to be
Here in the now
Drifting, almost still
No pause is to long
Time slows down
I like this pace
And I see in my horse’s eye
He knows this pace
It is the one he inhabits all his days
I smile as I join him
Yes today I will linger
Like a big soft, fluffy cloud.

©Angela Dunning, 23 July 2017

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