angela dunning, poetry, personal growth, healing, soul, returning home

And so I notice how
I drop my head down
Shrinking my stature
Hiding my curves
To make myself masculine
And outside your power to observe
Me as a powerful woman
But rather a quiet small mouse
Neither threat nor reward
Hoping you won’t notice me
I keep my voice unheard
I tilt my breasts down
And curl my spine in
Safe inside this small-dom of mine
Unspoken and reserved
And I realise how
Even when I was little
I made myself small
That the tricks I learned then
Still serve me now
When unobserved.

And so I straighten my spine
And stretch my head high
I look into your eyes
Without fear or dread
I lengthen throughout
And allow each part to fill out
More into my flesh
And size
And in doing so I find
That my Spirit rises too
Unleashed from her shackles
She peers out and around
And the sunlight dazzles
Rebounding off my light
And from my new height
I see there’s more to be found
From the top of my head
Right down to the ground
I feel myself growing
To now fit my true size.

©Angela Dunning, 24 June 2017

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