poetry, personal growth, change, transformation, butterfly, Soul, Angela Dunning

It is said, in some parts,
That when you die
You become a butterfly
Imagine that!
So this entire time
We have been waiting to be birthed
Only to find that
It actually happens at death!
And yet what a beautiful idea
Imagine now
That the Killing Fields of Cambodia,
And the mass graves of Srebrenica
Treblinka and Darfur
Are now a poignant sight
Filled with colourful, bright luminous
Things in flight
Thousands of butterflies
Regenerating en masse
Spreading their wings
Over the memories of
Those passed
Soaring and rejoicing
In their new found freedom
And restoring peace and beauty
To the Souls lost
At these sites
It’s a comforting thought
And I do hope it’s true
That when the Soul transforms
It simply takes on a new life
With colourful wings
And pure
Yes it’s said in some parts
That when you die
You turn into
A butterfly.

©Angela Dunning, 7 June 2017

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