poetry, body, self love, self care

Dear Body,  you who carries me through every waking moment, who keeps me alive and moving through this life of mine.

Dear beloved, blessed flesh and bone, you who I have neglected, blamed and abused, you with all your beautiful imperfections and insights, which still catch me off-guard, time and time again.

To my faithful-matter, I ask your forgiveness and I get down on my knees to humbly apologise for the ways I have shamed and abandoned you.

When all you ever try to do is hold me together, each day anew. You try to tell me through your aches and pains, fears and desires, which is the right path for us both to tread.

For all this and more, I thank you in grace. With sorrow and regret, I take a pledge: From this day forth, to honour and wed myself to you, for we are one. I am you. And you, I.

Dearest beloved body – I thank you once more. And I vow never to let you be used as a scapegoat again, or stuffed so full of feelings, which harden your flesh and seep into my bones, draining my zest.

No more shall I let you be a weapon against men. And no more a rival to push away women. No more will I offer you up as a bribe or a tease. No more will I over-feed you on that which you detest.

For you see, I owe you my life, literally. You brought me this far and so now I pledge to take your hand and walk beside you; as one.

On a new path now, one of belonging,
And union,
Inside my own flesh.

©Angela Dunning, 25 April 2017

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