What If All I Ever Have To Do, Is Heal?

Returning Home, Angela Dunning, poetry, self development, personal growth, healing, reclaiming the self, true self

What if all I ever have to do, is heal?
What if the most work I ever need to tend to, is the slow return to my own body?
What if all I ever really need to accomplish, is to feel?
What if my only task it to unknot all the tight spots entwined in my muscles, over and over again?
What if noticing each breath is an achievement on a grand scale?
What if the place that most needs my attention is the distance I put between myself and others?
What if I finally realise that my armour is in fact a sacred shield, a protection for my fragile Soul?
What if the slow disrobing of my armour is the most essential process I need to let unfold?

What if all my emptiness is a portal into my very Soul?
What if I swim through the blackness, head first, instead of wishing it weren’t so?
What if all that is required of me is to simply rest and relax, fully into me?
What if my job is to be so at home in me, others can’t help but sink into themselves, just by my mere presence?

What if just staying awake to each moment is the main object of each day?
What if my biggest commitment should be to not let myself fall back to sleep?
What if just the wet touch of my dog’s nose is more important than chores?
What if the soft warm breathe from my horse’s muzzle is the only therapy I truly need?

And what if I finally stop trying to plan, control and define each moment of my life?
Maybe then life will become more serene.
Maybe then I will feel sublime.
Maybe then each moment will count.
No matter what each day may bring.

 ©Angela Dunning, 21st March 2017