I bow to the trees
How elegantly
And effortlessly
You shed your beauty
In letting go to survive your winter
You provide nutrients for my Soul
To feed on
With each gasp of breath
That I take at the wonder
Of your grace
And medicine
In losing your attire
In going naked for months
You remind me
That beauty is indeed within
No matter the time of year
And that feeding my Soul
IS my direction
That nothing else matters
Except the gorging feast
Through my eyes, skin and heart
Of your wondrous beauty
Of your breath-taking flight
Of the dance of your leaves
Fluttering in the breeze
And flying in my path
Of the bed you lay beneath your feet
Of the ease with which
You part with yourself
Knowing full well
That come next Spring
New growth will swell
New buds will form
What a miracle this is
What a cycle
What a journey
You do it so well
I am left to just wonder
In astonishment
In respect at your grace
And with awe at your fate.

©Angela Dunning, 5 November 2016

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