I will not live an unlived life
Looking down to your expectations
Living down to your belief in me
Based on your fears
And your unlived dreams.

I will not cast myself in your darkened light
In your lack of faith in me
I will not diminish my height
To make you feel bigger
And safe.

I will not suppress my vitality
Or diminish my abilities
I will not play sick
Or lame, or broke
I will not live through lack
Despair, or no hope.

I will not worship a false-god
But rather walk barefoot on the earth
And stretch tall as a tree
Feeling fulfilled and free;
I will walk tall in my light.

I will follow my dreams
Holding on tight and strong
Following the threads
I at last feel; I belong.
Held by Mother Earth and all her creatures
And in the embrace of all my Sisters.

No, I will not live an unlived life.
I’ve tried it for a while
And find that I need to break
Free of your fears
And into my dreams
I’m sorry yours faltered
But I sense that by living
I redeem both our pasts.

©Angela Dunning

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