Me Galway baycr

Your values you see
They come from the viewpoint of the Patriarchy
Embedded in your very being
They influence your thoughts, your desires and your self-image
They shape how you see your body
How you turn away from its roundness and imperfections
How you hold firm to the ideal
Of the oh-so-slim petite frame
Of the preferences of men
And the distortions handed down
Through every drop of blood from the veins
Of your mother and all women
Also infected with the disease
Of fear of displeasing their men
Even strangers on the street
How they strive and work hard
Enduring painful procedures
To look slim and demure
Smooth and unwrinkled
Don’t you see?
All this and more is imprinted in your mind
Embedded in your body
Slowly suffocating your heart
And slowly dismembering your Soul
Until one day the veil lifts
And you finally see through the illusions and shit
And you realize you’ve let yourself be played
Like an object and a thing
That you’ve allowed yourself to be molded
Shaped, thinned and shaved
Beyond all manner of recognition
But one day, and it will come
When all the hard work to not be you
Will stop
And you will start
To re-find
All that is true
And you.
© Angela Dunning, 8 August 2016

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