Rose cropped6smaller

Slowly, gently at first
My fingers uncurl
Like the petals of the bud
Reaching out towards the world
Once more
Tentative at first
The take their time
They can’t be rushed
They know their pace
And I’ve learned not to push
Not to race or reach
For the first thing I see
Or the first impulsive thought
Instead I allow
And I feel
What it’s like
To be back out
In the world
Once more
After the slumber of the dark
Winter days and months
And the inner undertaking
The gestation
Before the birth
And so it seems
Even more important now
That it will be different this time
That a new approach is in order
To stay present with
The unfurling
And allow it to occur
For it’s in that uncurling
That my new being
Gently stirs.

© Angela Dunning, 14 April 2016

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