Longing to Belong

Swans at Sunset


I ran and I ran
I chased it and chased
Affection, security

I ran and I drove
I danced with a thirst
Of never ending

I looked and I looked
I tried and I tried
But I never found it
I never even came

This huge gaping hole
This hunger inside
So aching and empty
So fragile
So denied

Then one day
I stopped
I stopped running and instead
I sat down
And I turned
And I looked
At this hole deep inside

And that’s when I saw it
A glimmer of hope
And I realised at last
That I can fill that hole
That I can close the gap

So I sat and I sat
And I looked and I felt
And I poured
All my thirst
Into my wound

And I found I belonged
And I found I could love
And I created my own security
And at last
I could stop.

© Angela Dunning, 14 February 2016