In honour of those in Paris, Nice, London, Manchester, Stockholm, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Libya, Turkey, and all those trying to flee in the boats every single day…

As the clouds darken
And the world shuts its eyes
I weep with the fear
Of what is to arise

As the bombs rain down
And the children cry
As the violence quickens
No one exempt to die

As the earth rages
In her anger and her pain
As the forests burn
At the politicians
We cry “shame!”

Nowhere is safe
Nowhere to avoid
As the clouds thicken
I bow my head
And cry

As each battle forgotten
I weep for the loss
The collective amnesia
Like a shiny gloss
Over all the forsaken
From one war to the next

Today I weep
For their pain is mine
And their loss is ours
And tonight I pray
Don’t let our tears drown
Our hopes for peace.

© A. Dunning, 14 November 2015

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