Waterfall cropped

Oh dear, how you look so longingly
But all you see is a version of you
In this oh so clear mirror
I dazzle and beckon you in

But you see
I am not the soul you crave
Dancing so wild and free
I am not your nature Spirit
She resides in you
Not me

You can’t catch a ride on my feelings
Hoping to watch from the side
As I claw my way back up
From the weight of your desires
And the hopes you inspired

Wanting to reach the depths of your own woman inside
You instead pass me off as your inner feminine
Letting your soul weep
From neglect and pride
Starving your wild man
While you sleep and sleep

It won’t work don’t you see?
Because I am not you
I am Me.

Yet when you can
Dive headlong into your fears
And allow yourself your tears
When you can walk in the forest
With not a word or a thought
When you can swim in your soul
And catch your breath on the wind

Then ask me again
And offer your hand
So that we can be
You and me.

© Angela Dunning, 22 August 2015

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