Living without for so long
Is a curse on my system
And leaves a hunger to belong

Not seeing my potential
I was left all alone
In a mist of resentment
Confused and unborn

Watching life pass me by
From my withdrawn space
Seeing others succeed
With such pain on my face

You caged me so well
In your own limited frame
Scared to let me out
For fear I’d outshine and shame

Sending me messages to make do with crumbs
After all I’m nothing special
Just an after-thought
No glistening gold; nothing real

No substance inside
To hold me up and provide
No inner resources
No worth or pride

So I swallowed your crumbs
And that’s all I saw
When I looked into the world
With such envy so raw

Living beneath my potential
In love, work and more
Staying low in the world
For that was all you ever saw

Yet slowly so slowly
I find I can reach within
To a deep dark place
Full of jewels and medicine

I can draw on these truths
That glisten and shine
I can find my potential
Hidden so deeply inside

Yet you still send me money
A few pounds here and there
Telling me all over again
I have to scrimp and go bare

Digging deep in my well
I have to look hard for the jewels
Over and over
So I can escape this hell

Of lack and mistrust
In myself in my faith
Finding new proof
That one day I will shine

And forgive you your error
For my lack was not mine
It was yours all along
So send it back I shall

And go mining in my own well.

© Angela Dunning, 23 June 2015

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