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Change doesn’t happen all in one go
Instead, it has a slowness and a timing all of its own
You don’t wake up one morning a completely different person
Remember, you are created by your lengthy, complex history.

No, change happens gradually, slowly
Little by little a new glimmer of awareness
Starts to shine through the cracks
In my dreams each night
Where a new perspective is granted
A new vista is observed.

NOW I can see what I do
NOW I can start to make changes
NOW I can slowly unravel that pattern
Started so very long ago and which once
Was so very necessary.

Now and with kindness
I can take that pattern by the hand
And gently guide it to a new way of being
A less pushy, pressured way
One that flexes, respects and allows
One that isn’t driven by a need
To be seen, to be heard; to be centre of attention
Or hidden away out of sight from the world.

No, change doesn’t happen overnight
It’s a gradual process full of repetition and regress
So be gentle with yourself;
You’re doing OKAY!

Go easy on yourself
But always, always, remain vigilant
So you can catch each day
The strands you want to weave anew
And the threads that can be cast away.

© Angela Dunning, 9 June 2015, updated 21 June 2018

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