My success is not the cause of your lack of creativity
I know it’s unbearably unfair, and unbearably painful
And I know through the lenses you chose to wear
That’s how it looks to you
But they’re really not connected.

What you see in me you can’t see in yourself
And what you can’t see in yourself makes you blind to me also
Two sides of the same coin, the weight of your projection can be heavy
And the loss of your power and sadness you wear is palpable to all.

But I can tell you this, as I’ve sat in both camps for many a long time:
You are already successful
You are already creative
And you are more powerful than you could imagine.
Just wait and see.

Wait for that moment when you lift the shades
Off your vision and you finally see what was done to you
And how you lost your power
How it was sucked out of you through disparaging remarks
And withering looks.

How those who really were meant to support and encourage you
Instead left scars and hooks
Forever waiting to be pulled back down into the blackness
Where you can’t see yourself, and all around you
Is the life you so desperately want.

It will come one day, my gentle one
Probably when you least expect it as you’ve given up hoping
Then one day you will believe
One day you will finally see how you shine and with grace
Walk through life with a power and a strength.

For you made it this far you see?
How could you be anything but strong?
You endured this long
Now just imagine
WHAT you can do now you know this?

Just imagine that now you CAN start living your life
Unburdened and at last
You can watch your companions and
Dance in the sparkle of their life too.

© Angela Dunning, 6 June 2015

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