Kite cropped

I’m tired of playing small
Tired of dragging
This heavy sack behind me
Weighed down with the burden
Of my unlived life
Of the small disguised
Waste from my mother
Wrapped up in her lies
To herself and to me
That you can’t do this
And you can’t be that.

Tired of the lack of all that I need
Tired of denying to myself
How I do feel
And what would please me
What would bring back that smile
What would fill up my insides
What would make my heart swell
As I finally felt
All the power in my stride
All the wind in my sails
All the strength in my belly
All the words springing out of my mouth.

Unclipping my wings now
With a venomous rage
So long swallowed down
So long being just content
I am ready to fly
Ready to fill a big space
I say goodbye to confinement
And with ease and grace
I declare “I am ready
Bring it on!”
To the face
Of the Goddess within
And to the one; I bow.

Now with certainty and grace
I can finally allow
Myself to expand and take on
All the dreams in my head
All the passion that instead
Of cheering others forward
I can use as my fuel
To expand and dare to tread
The path laid down for me
At last, and well.

© Angela Dunning, 31 May 2015

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