Finally I see this is true
From my suffering
My creations spew
Each journey down into
The darkness inside
When I stop looking elsewhere
When I stop trying to hide.

It is in my tears
And my slow aching bones
From my fragile self
That my beauty resides
And starts to reveal
Her hidden treasures.

Waiting for me to go digging
Each round loosens the soil
Packed tightly are my jewels
Each Ego shattering joust
Reveals a few more
Almost crying out:
“Pick me out”
“Bring me into the light!”

So tired are they of waiting
Yet patiently they sit
Quiet and undisturbed
Calm in the knowledge
One day they will out
When I stop holding on
When I stop making out:
“I’m fine on my own”
“I have no doubt”
“Things are under control!”

When I suddenly look out
From a different perspective
I scan the scene
Of an alternative landscape
From the one that’s been
So long in my vision
So tired now of the same sight.

I look to the light
And I bring forth my heart
With its holes and its sores
With its aches and its fears
Yet so beautiful and whole
Is my heart
Still full and complete.

Yes my wounds hold my creativity
And together they support
My journey to recovery
At last, I glimpse a fresh start.

© Angela Dunning, 22 April 2015

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