Safe inside my isolation tank
Where I can keep others away
And myself locked up tight
My fears start to grow
One by one, first they’re slow
But gradually I see
It’s now just and only me.

Not needing another
To comfort and befriend
It was at first a relief
But now I can see no end
To this self-imposed cell
I’ve created to shelter
My fragile heart
And my fears of the other.

A life-long sentence
One imposed since so young
A crucial protection
From the jibes and the leer
Of the adults around me
One so little and small
A sensitive female
Not content to just appear
As a mirror for you
I carved out my world
Inside my own head .

I can see the whole world
From inside my glass tank
Looking out seems fine
Although at night there’s disquiet
In my mind and my heart
When I turn out the light
Alone once again
How much more can I take?
Can I dare to risk opening
The door to my tank?

© Angela Dunning, 19 April 2015

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